This is the complete line up of Trail-A-Way kits.

Actuator Part Kits

Actuator part kits include rebuild/replacement, and add-on parts for various actuators.

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum ramps of heavy duty construction for loading of trucks, and trailers.

Backing Plate Nut Kits

Backing plate nuts are for attaching the backing plate to the brake flange on the axle.

Bearing & Race Kits

Bearings and races are used in hubs to keep them running smoothly.

Bearing Protector Kits

Bearing protectors keep out contaminants from entering hubs.

Caliper Rebuild Kits

Caliper kits include parts for reconditioning calipers in to working order.

Disc Brake Pad Kits

Disc brake pad kits are for replacing worn out pads in calipers.

Dust Cap Kits

Dust caps keep out contaminants from entering hubs.

Hub Drum Kits

Hub drums mount on the spindle of the axle, and provide braking ability.

Idler Hub Kits

Idler hubs mount on the spindle of the axle, and don't provide any braking ability.

Lug Bolt Kits

Lug bolts are use to secure a wheel to the hub on the axle.

Lug Nut Kits

Lug nuts are use to secure a wheel to the hub on the axle.

Seal Kits

Seals are used to prevent lubricants from becoming contaminated, and escaping.

Shackle Bolt Kits

Shackle bolts are for attaching the spring to either a shackle link, or spring hanger.

Shackle Link Kits

Shackle links are used to attach the spring to either the equalizer, or spring hanger.

Spindle Kits

Spindle kits are for all of the hardware to keep the hub attached to the axle.

Spring Bushing Kits

Spring bushings are used to prevent wear between the spring, and shackle bolt.

Trailer Hardware Kits

Trailer hardware kits are a miscellaneous collection of kits that are useful for all trailers.

U-Bolt Kits

U-Bolt kits are for attaching the springs to the axle of the trailer.

Wheel Cylinder Kits

Wheel cylinders are used in backing plates to open the shoes for braking.

Wheel Stud Kits

Wheel studs are pressed in to the back of the hubs to hold the rim to the hub.